CWBI EBICS Connector

CWBI‘s offer now also includes the EBICS communication gateway.

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) is an interbank protocol already used in European countries such as France, Germany, Austria, etc…

EBICS allows data files to be exchanged regardless of standards and message formats, and uses established digital signature and encryption procedures. EBICS functions are based on international standards, e.g. XML, HTTPS, TLS and SSL.
Finally, EBICS has capabilities for more banks, enabling business clients, in the EBICS countries, to transact with any bank using the same software.

CWBI EBICS Connector

CWBI offers the EBICS Connector solution for the EBA Clearing SCT Inst module. In fact CWBI, being already involved in this as the first provider to implement a SCT Inst exchange message solution on EBICS, proposes its modular solution for PSPs intending to use that network to exchange messages.

The proposed solution offers the ability to be integrated into any client architecture, by using HTTP (REST) and/or Code MQ protocols for message exchange.

In a short time, CWBI will extend the EBICS solution for communicating with other systems.