The new platform for online payments.


MyBank is the new EBA Clearing standard that allows on-line e-Payments using banking payment systems (OBeP Online Banking e-Payments), in an easy and secure way.

MyBank represents undoubtedly a concrete example of payment systems innovation and usage of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) standards, answering to e-Commerce development needs, and opening several employment perspectives, all in the interest of Merchants and Consumers.

CodiceWeb, as an EBA CLEARING accredited System Integrator for the MyBank solution, developed a platform named MyBank Platform.

MyBank Platform is a modular product, born to support distribution of Routing service, in favor of Merchants, and Validation service for the Buyer’s banks. In addition, CodiceWeb supply a range of plugins to simplify the integration with the most common e-Commerce systems.

Always focused towards new business models and opportunities offered by the new technologies, CodiceWeb offers a Merchant solution, MyBank for Mobile, capable of transforming every smartphone/tablet into a POS terminal (smartphone as a POS), a strategic solution for a positioning in what will be the future of Mobile Payments.


  • e-Authorization Protocol compliant, from Initiating Party/Merchant to Validation Service
  • Directory Service integration
  • Merchant database management and/or integration with bank’s legacy system
  • Transaction’s payment flow monitoring (reportings, reconciliations)
  • Exceptions reporting system
  • Fraud analysis system integration
  • Statistics reports
  • Service charging support


  • e-Authorization Protocol compliant, in the conversation with Routing Services
  • Directory Service integration
  • Authorizations monitor
  • Fraud analysis system integration
  • Exceptions reporting system
  • Internet Banking’s integration
  • Statistics reports


  • Full support for the main e-Commerce systems (Magento, Zen Cart, Shopify, etc.)
  • Easy integration
  • Authorizations monitor, with transactions analytical view
  • Transaction inspection dashboard
  • Reports and complaints management (rif. ISO 10002 guide lines)
  • Transaction requests geolocation
  • Smartphone as POS solution available on both Smartphone and Tablet